Jul 262022

Our guest speakers

Every fortnight during term time, we organise for someone to give a presentation to which any of our members can attend. Thanks to Cath Bauman and Pam Griffith for organising. Here are the talks over the past few years.

  • Alan Cuthbertson: Climate change and Extinction Rebellion.
  • Brenda Fitzpatrick: Unlikely heroes in unlikely places.
  • Brian Devenish: Worldwide scamming.
  • Catherine Blakey: Tactics for hearing impaired people.
  • Dianne Parslow: Powerpoint.
  • Fiona Malcolm: Children’s books.
  • Fiona Malcolm: Desert island crime fiction.
  • Fiona Malcolm: Railway murders.
  • Fiona Malcolm: Rural noir – before and after The Dry.
  • Gaby Seymour: Maintaining bone health as you age.
  • Gillian Essex: Grandmothers for Refugees.
  • Graham Parslow: Vintage radio.
  • Greg Papworth: Still worried about Covid?.
  • Guy Palmer: A history of modern art.
  • Guy Palmer: Poverty.
  • Guy Palmer: Social exclusion.
  • Guy Palmer: Ten interesting animals.
  • Guy Palmer: The best painting of the last 150 years.
  • Guy Palmer: Why ants work together in colonies.
  • Jim Connor: Eltham’s muddy history.