Brain teasers


Courtesy of Jenni Bull.

Question Answer
What occurs once in every minute, twice in every moment, yet never in a thousand years? The letter M.
Three men checked into a hotel room for which they paid $30. The next day, the manager glanced at the records and realised that the men had been overcharged. She gave the bellhop $5 to return to the three men. On the way to their room the bellhop decided to keep $2 for himself, and give each of the three men $1. The three men had now paid $9 each, or a total of $27. This, plus the $2 the bellhop kept makes a total of $29. What happened to the other dollar? Nothing! It's one of those strange things about the way it is added. If added sequentially it looks like this: The hotel collected $25, the three men were each given $1 back, and the bellhop kept the $2. The total now comes to $30.
Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain on earth? Mount Everest.
Two mothers and two daughters were fishing. They managed to catch one big fish, one small fish, and one fat fish. Since only three fish were caught, how is it possible that they each took home a fish? The fishing party consisted of three people. A grandmother, a mother and a daughter. The mother is both a mother and a daughter.