Bruno Zielke – history of the universe


Bruno studied computer science and applied mathematics at RMIT before working mainly as an information technology consultant. Although he is now retired and living locally (St Helena), his connection with the U3A organisation is broad as he is an Honorary Member of several U3As.

He is also an experienced speaker who has delivered some 140 lectures on the subject of cosmology to various U3A sites, the College of Adult Education, Ringwood Library and various groups at the Astronomical Society of Victoria. Furthermore, he has presented papers at astronomical conferences and contributes to science forums such as Physics Stack Exchange and the Quora Forum online. Networking with Australian and international scientists helps to keep him up-to-date.

Bruno’s interests include cosmology, chess, photography, reading and writing. He has been a member of the Cosmology and Astrophysics group of the Astronomical Society of Victoria for 15 years.