Brian Devenish – First Nations Aboriginal Tanami / Walpiri Desert Art


Written in May 2022.
Brian is a student who is currently studying a Diploma of Criminology at La Trobe University and who previously obtained a Diploma in Community Services, Social Work and Youth services and another in Indigenous Studies.

In an earlier life, he worked as a journalist for The Age newspaper and, to further his interest in Indigenous cultures, he has travelled widely throughout Australia and lived with 17 remote Aboriginal communities. He has particularly enjoyed working with Indigenous youths in the past and continues to maintain strong connections with them.

Is this the first U3A class you’ve tutored?


Other U3A classes attended?


Nillumbik resident?

I live in Eltham.

What your students will learn?

Brian offers a relaxed style of teaching with an emphasis on the history, culture and priorities of Indigenous peoples. Students will learn how Indigenous art reflects cultural values, family, environment, animals, plants and water. Class members will focus on their personal experiences and use Indigenous symbols and techniques to express them through their artworks.

Why did you volunteer to run this class?

Brian wants to share his knowledge of Indigenous cultures with others and hopes that his class participants will benefit artistically and emotionally from their participation.