Apr 172019

Franciscus Henri was our guest speaker. He performed a short autobiographic collection of music that covered his career over four decades and that featured his own writing as well as other composers.

Franciscus is one of Australia’s most enduring performers and writers in the medias of theatre, radio, music and television for children. Since making his first recording in 1971, he has recorded eighteen albums of music for children and two recordings for adults as well as two DVD’s.

Franciscus believes in the immense importance that music and play have in the lives of young children, enhancing their learning ability as well as bringing great joy and celebration.

Apr 192017

Christine Nixon APM, Former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, was our guest speaker. She shared her experiences from entry into the police force as an 18-year-old female, how her career unfolded, her educational opportunities at Harvard University and the challenges that were presented as the Chief Commissioner Victoria Police. She also discussed her subsequent role as the Chair of the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority and her current role as the Deputy Chancellor of Monash University.