Eltham Guide Hall

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This page is effectively a collation of the various guidance about the venue which has been sent out to the relevant tutors.

Location and access

Youth Road (left fork from Diamond St), Eltham (click this hyperlink for a map).

Access to the inside of the building is via a key in a key safe which is located below the front porch. Email our Course Coordinator for the code to the key safe.

Wheelchair access is possible via the back door. It is ok to drive around the back. There is a portable roll-a-ramp in the camp store room.

  • Parking: only one or two cars onsite please – park on the gravel driveway. Please shut the gate when leaving. All other cars please park offsite (unless access required to back door).
  • Tables and chairs: the tables are in the store cupboard near the bathroom. The chairs are in the camp room at the far end of the main room.
  • Moving blankets: there are 3 ‘moving blankets’ in the camp room. These can be deployed on the floor if and as you wish to help to reduce the echo.
  • Audiovisual equipment: the equipment is stored in a cupboard marked U3A in the small room to the left (the Leaders’ room) as you walk in the main door.
  • Whiteboard cleaner is in the U3A cupboard in the leaders’ room.  This should be used regularly and wiped with paper towel. Whiteboard markers are also held in the U3A cupboard.
  • There is a list of classes on the noticeboard in the Leaders’ room plus some suggestions for moving furniture.
  • Never lock the Leaders’ room.
  • Toilets: are unisex. There is one ambulant cubicle.
  • Tea and coffee is available in the kitchen cupboard marked U3A. The kitchen volunteers will fill the boxes on Thursday and Friday.
  • Please do not access the Office or other rooms, or use any Girl Guides’ equipment or supplies without checking first.
  • Lights: the switches are below the fusebox. Please leave the security light on. For dim lighting, the trefoil light can be used – the switch is at the end of the hall.
  • Blinds: please leave these down on a hot day.
  • Rubbish outside (someone to put it out bin on Monday). There is no recycling in this area.
  • In an emergency, you can contact the Girl Guides via Alison (0400 063 029) or Lyn (0401 276 680).
Checklist for the last tutor of the day
  1. It is important to return the furniture to its correct places at end of day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You must allow access to the other goods in store room.
  2. Check that the main door is padlocked, that they keys are in the key safe, and that the key safe is actually locked.
  3. Make sure the security light is left on and the gate is shut.

The three photos below show how the hall should be left at the end of the day (except Monday as the girl guides don’t use it Monday evening).


All of our equipment is portable, rather than built-in, and is stored in on the middle shelf of the cupboard marked U3A in the small room to the left as you walk in the main door.

  • Projector: there is a mobile projector but no screen, so you project onto the wall.
  • Main speaker: physically plugs into the projector.
  • Spare speakers: physically plug into your laptop.
  • DVD player: physically plugs into your laptop.
  • Network: 24/7 wireless network connected to the Internet.
  • ‘Moving blankets’: to be deployed by classes if/as wanted to reduce the echo.
  • Defibrillator: our fully automated standard model.

In addition, we store our large speaker and associated microphones at the Guide Hall. Because these can be used at any of our venues, instructions for their use is provided on a separate page.

The projector The main speaker The spare speakers The DVD player
The projector’s connections The DVD player’s connections

Any issues, contact Guy by phone (0411 520 850) or email.

The ‘moving blankets’

There are 3 ‘moving blankets’ which are stored in the camp room at the far end of the hall. These can be deployed on the floor if and as you want to help to reduce the echo. Their placement should be somewhere between the main sources of the sound and the class participants.

The network

There is a permanent 24/7 wireless network which connects to the Internet. Its name is ‘U3A’.
Email our Course Coordinator for the password.

The network covers the whole of the main room but is obviously much stronger, and therefore much quicker, in the front half of the room.

The network is controlled by something called a modem/router. You don’t need to know what this looks like nor where it is. But if, for some reason, you do, it is a small black box around 4 cm wide which is on the floor under the desk in the office and which is plugged into a nearby mains socket.

The defibrillator

The defibrillator is mounted on the far wall opposite the entrance.

The latest information about our defibrillators can always be found on our defibrillators’ page.