Our class blogs

Astronomy and CosmologyClass now finished
Leader: John O’Connor
ChoirSaturday afternoons
Leader: Lyndsey Byrnes
Collaborative WritingFriday mornings
Leaders: Susan Lloyd, April Edwards
Writing WorkshopThursday mornings
Leaders: Jan Taylor, Lynne Geary
Stories by our membersStories and songs by our members who are not in the Collaborative Writing class CookingClass now finished
Leader: Vasundhara Kandpal
CraftFriday afternoons
Leader: Cheryl Winstanley
First NationsMonday afternoons
Leaders: Jan Aitken, Helen Bostock et al
GolfTuesday and Friday mornings
Leaders: Alan Clayton, Abe Kelabora
Jazz AppreciationMonday afternoons
Leader: John Crichton
Life Changing Events in HistoryClass now finished
Leader: Andrew Leopold
Leaders: Lyn Frazer, Maree Papworth
Painting and DrawingThursday afternoons
Leaders: Leanne Ipsen, Brenda Smith
Poetry through the AgesWednesday mornings
Leaders: Noel Butterfield, Susan Lloyd
Poems by our membersPoems by our members who are not in the Poetry through the Ages class
Renewable EnergyClass now finished
Leader: Rob Gardner
Travel Trips, Tips and TalesClass now finished
Leaders: Gail Clayton, Kay Bichard
Technology Users GroupMonday mornings
Leaders: Gerard Wood, Rob Rankin et al
Tuning in to OperaFriday mornings
Leaders: Lyn Richards, Tom Richards
Walking GroupsMonday mornings
Leaders: Kay Bichard, Pam Griffith
Wine AppreciationVarious days and locations
Leader: Karen Coulston
Zentangles and Mandala DesignTuesday afternoons
Leaders: Gayle Considine et al
Other classes
Band, Book Clubs, Cards, Cycling, Music, Poetry, Physics, Pot Painting, Power Tools,
Shakespeare, Tai Chi, Writing, Yoga