Our defibrillators


Nillumbik U3A has acquired 3 defibrillators and is in the processes of both deploying them and training our tutors and others in their use. As listed in the table below, that means that 8 of our venues now have, or will soon have, defibrillators, whilst 4 others do not.

Provided by us Eltham Guide Hall
Old Eltham Courthouse
Provided by the landlord Eltham Bowling Club
Eltham Central Pavilion
Eltham Lower Park Pavilion
Hurstbridge Bowling Club
Hurstbridge Community Hub
WattleGlen Tennis Club
No debrillator Allwood House, Hurstbridge
Diamond Valley Sports Centre, Diamond Creek
Living & Learning Diamond Creek
Living & Learning Eltham

We believe that defibrillators should be standard at all Council-owned venues in Nillumbik, as they are in Banyule, and will continue to press Nillumbik Council to adopt such a policy. In the meantime, we will deploy our defibrillators in our most used venues.

All the defibrillators acquired by us are the same make and model. They are fully automated, which means that they tell you step-by-step what to do.

Some parts are single-use only. So, if you use a defibrillator, make sure that you tell the Office so that we can organise the replacement parts.

Some other parts have a limited lifespan. The defibrillator is meant to beep when the end of lifespans are nearing. So, if you hear a defibrillator beeping, make sure that you tell the Office so that we can organise the replacement parts.

We would like to thank Bendigo Bank, Greensborough RSL, Montmorency-Eltham RSL, Nillumbik Shire Council and Watsonia RSL for their grants which helped us to acquire the defibrillators.

Our policy is that, in each of our classes which is in a venue which has a defibrillator, either the tutor or their class rep should arrange to be trained in the use of that defibrillator.

To help with this, we have been organising a series of training sessions with Bolton Clarke to which all the tutors and class reps are being invited.

If you would like to read Bolton Clarke’s presentation about defibrillation and CPR, email us and we will send you a copy.

Eltham Central Pavilion

This defibrillator was installed in April 2021. It is on the wall at the far end of the main room, just to the right of the door leading to the kitchen.


Eltham Guide Hall

Eltham Guide Hall is where our first defibrillator was installed in April 2021. It is mounted on the far wall opposite the entrance.


Old Eltham Courthouse

This defibrillator was installed in January 2022. It is on the wall at the opposite end of the room to the main door.