Mar 142022

Our fundraising activities

This blog summarises some of our fundraising activities over the past few years.

Fundraising can actually be fun as it brings some of our members together to do something which is both social and helps our U3A.

Jun 032023

On Saturday, 3rd June, we had another sausage sizzle at Bunnings Eltham. Despite the rain, we made a profit of around $1,700(!).

Thanks to our sizzlers Brian Jones, Colin Cook, Domenic Tatangelo, Frank Cummings, Jenny Fowler, Karen Coulston, Margaret Schoonveldt, Mike Bull, Pam Kerneys, Reg Roswell, Rob Glanvill, Robert Lamb, Sabi Buehler and Trisha Weller. And thanks to Martin Winfield for organising everything.

Apr 302023

Nillumbik U3A was one of three local community groups featured by Grill’d Eltham in the month of April. Well, thanks to you and your families, we were given the most votes and therefore received the $300 prize. Yay!

Apr 092023

On a rainy, Easter Sunday on 9th April, we had a sausage sizzle at Eltham Bunnings. Thanks to Andrea Gregson, Brian Jones, Diane Fitzmaurice, Jane Hammett, Jean Kelabora, June Downs, Michael Bull, Michelle Rowsell, Rob Glanvill, Ros Camera, Rosemarie Jaeger, Sue Bailey and Sue Sharp for being part of the team. And thanks to Martin Winfield and Reg Rowsell for organising everything.

Mar 132022

On Sunday, 13th March, we had a sausage sizzle at Bunnings.

Andrea Gregson, Cath Bauman, Cheryl Winstanley, Diana Sze-Hong, Diane Fitzmaurice, Jean Kelabora, Judy Lynch, Karen Coulston, Nat Dordus, Ruth Goddard, Sabi Buehler, Stuart Winstanley, Sue Bailey, Tony Agius and Trish Weller cooked and served the sausages.

Huguette De Rycke took the photos below and Martin Winfield organised everything.

Our net profit was $661.


Apr 042021

On Sunday, 4th April, we had our first ever Sunday sausage sizzle fundraiser at Eltham Bunnings. Our net profit was around $500.

Thanks to our volunteer team of sausage sizzlers: Cath Bauman, Diane Fitzmaurice, Dianne Parslow, Francesca Bouchier, Gayle Considine, Graham Parslow, Ian Coulter, Jenny Taylor, Jim Bassett, Kerry Bradford, Laraine Hussey, Lorraine Bassett, Martin Winfield, Neil Taylor and Suzanne McNally. Thanks also to Evan Gellert for his contribution of gourmet sausages. And special thanks to our lead sizzler, Martin Winfield, plus his family of assistant sizzlers.

Mar 072021

Despite having been closed for much of 2020 because of Covid-19, and thus without revenue, Diamond Valley Railway decided to go ahead with their annual grant giving and again we we one of the lucky recipients.

Cath Bauman accepted a cheque of $1,000 on our behalf, gave a brief speech of thanks and then, together with the other recipients, got to have a trip on one of the trains.

In total on the day, Diamond Valley Railway awarded grants of $16,000(!) to local community groups.

Feb 182021

On 18th February, Martin Winfield (our Grants Coordinator) accepted a cheque for $500 from Julie Nobrega, manager of the Eltham branch of the Commonwealth Bank.

Jun 162020

On 16th June, Ken Wing Jan and Guy Palmer accepted a defibrillator from Greensborough RSL who, together with Montmorency-Eltham RSL and Watsonia RSL, generously donated the defibrillator to us. See photo below.

At roughly the same time, Bendigo Bank and Nillumbik Council also gave us defibrillators but were unable to organise photoshoots due to Covid-19 restrictions.

As illustrated by the photo right, these defibrillators are genuinely small and portable.

Mar 082020

Today, 8th March, we received a $1,000 grant from Diamond Valley Railway, who are based in Eltham Lower Park.

After a brief ceremony during which they gave us the cheque and we gave a little speech of thanks, Cath Bauman (Secretary) and Guy Palmer (President) took a trip on one of the trains.

In total on the day, Diamond Valley Railway awarded grants of $20,000(!) to local community groups.

Dec 162019

On Monday, 16th December, we had our first ever sausage sizzle fundraiser at Eltham Bunnings. Although the weather was miserable, and it was a weekday, we still made a profit of $550.

Thanks to Ken Wing Jan for organising and to Cath Bauman, Gail Clayton, Gayle Considine, Dianne Parslow, Graeme Forbes, Graham Parslow, Helen Beaumont, Jenny Taylor, Laraine Hussey, Leslie Rhys-Jones, Lilia Deschamps, Neil Taylor, Pat Rhys-Jones, Renato Deschamps, Rosemary Aitken and Suzanne McNally for helping out.

Dec 132019

On 13th December, we had our fundraiser with an organisation called Tastepoint. The deal was that we provided 60 people to taste and rate various samples of lamb and they gave us $1,000.

One interesting aspect was that they absolutely wouldn't start the tastings until and unless we had our full complement of people. At one session, we were three people short so both sides just sat around waiting for what seemed like a substantial period of time. A few emergency phone calls and three extra people were drummed up.

Thanks to Cath Bauman for organising and to Debra Forbes and Maree Papworth for helping out. Also, thanks to the 60 of you who participated in the event.