Ankie Box – social tennis


Written in December 2019.

Nillumbik U3A membership

Membership of Nillumbik U3A: 2 years.
Membership of other U3As: Manningham U3A.
Reason for joining our U3A: to keep an active mind and body by joining a friendly community.
Is this the first U3A class you’ve tutored: yes.
Other U3A classes attended: mahjong, bridge, card games, bush walking.
Nillumbik resident?: Smiths Gully for 15 years and then Panton Hill for the past 18 years.

In my own words

I was born in Menado, Indonesia.

I studied Law at university but didn’t complete my course. Instead, I came to Melbourne in June 1972 to visit my sister for a year while her husband was working overseas. During that year, I did work experience in a solicitor’s office to fill my time.

I got married in November 1973 (divorced 2004). I have two sons and a daughter.

I worked several roles in an Education Department- as an SSO integration aide, Indonesian aide and library technician.

In November 1973, I lived in Abbotsford with my husband, then we moved to Smiths Gully in 1976 because we wanted space for our children to be able to run around and climb trees just as we once did. I’m now single and enjoying life in Panton Hill.

I enjoy learning new things and meeting people.

What my students will learn

I hope they will all re-gain their confidence in their level of skills and mobility on the tennis court.

Class structure

We’re mixed men and women of varying levels of ability who all enjoy playing tennis. We meet weekly on Thursday mornings at Wattle Glen Tennis Club where three courts are available so we can constantly rotate players – everyone has ‘a go’.

Why did you volunteer to run this class?

I knew that some members used to play years ago and would like to play again so I decided to give them this opportunity. By playing tennis, the mind and body are kept active plus it is enjoyable. I love playing tennis – it’s fun and social. With Pam Griffith’s help (she co-runs the class), and also the assistance of other members, we started the group.