Carole Waldron – classical greek history


This profile was written in 2019 Term 4.

Like so many of us at U3A, I have always been interested in education. Early family influences and some wonderful teachers engendered in me a lifelong interest in learning.

My early years were spent in Melbourne and I studied at Melbourne University (where I met my husband). I lived in Tasmania for two years and then, from 1972 to 1981, in Papua New Guinea.

Although I had trained as a Secondary Teacher I was lucky enough to gain a Primary Teaching position in an International School in PNG. Teaching at Gordon International School with some truly gifted and creative teachers from at least five different countries provided opportunities and learner/teacher experiences which were lasting and inspirational.

After I retired, I enrolled in CAE Classical Studies classes and began Latin Classes at U3A. As retirees, we are well positioned to develop new or lapsed skills and explore new areas of enquiry. I have found U3A to be a wonderful forum as the informal and friendly environment enables us to cooperatively engage in our areas of interest. I believe that community groups like the U3A broaden our knowledge and, at the same time, deepen our enjoyment.

In our Monday class, we have been exploring our ancient intellectual and cultural origins, especially those from the eastern Mediterranean civilizations. In future classes, I would like to continue exploring significant works and intellectual movements which have provided the building blocks for Western Civilisation.