Our marketing resources

Notes for our marquee and information stall volunteers

Click the note pictured right or download it as a pdf.

As per the note:

Our videos

Here is a video which covers many of the classes that we offer.

In July 2020, then Nillumbik U3A President, Guy Palmer, was interviewed by Geoff Paine, long term Eltham resident, curator of the Stories From The Shire Facebook page and actor on Neighbours and now Nillumbik Councillor. Quite a lot of photos of our activities are included in the video.

Our flyer

Download a higher resolution version of our flyer (pdf).

Our bookmark

Note that, whilst the graphic below has our old Office address (i.e. the courthouse), the actual physical bookmarks have a sticker over this old address with the new address (i.e. the pavilion).

Our class list

Approved members of our marketing team can print off a one page, double-sided, up-to-date class list whenever they want. Here are the instructions:

  1. Go to the relevant page on OASIS.
  2. Check the cell F3 if you want a list with a column identifying which classes have free spaces or leave cell F3 blank for a list without a such a column.
  3. File-print, then choose to print the workbook, not the current sheet.
  4. Next, then choose your printer, including setting it to double-sided plus number of copies. Or, alternatively, save it as a pdf and then print at your leisure (or send it to someone else for them to print off at their leisure).

Here is a sample of what the handout looks like (with the spaces available column included):

Our marquee

This is what our marquee looks like.

As you can see, it is in our colours of blue and yellow and it is branded with our name.

The marquee will mostly be used when we have an information stall at markets or at festivals.

It will be staff by two of our members at any one time, typically on one hour stints.

Here are some blocks that we display on our stand.
Here is our tee shirt.
Photos of our classes

Here are some photos of some of our classes. More photos and/or higher resolution versions are available on request.

Book club Bridge club Card group Ch’i-Kung
Craft group Cryptic Crosswords Dining Out Family History
French Golf group I Ching Japanese
Latin Mahjong Mind Games Music Tutti
Painting and Drawing Recorder group Singing For Fun Table Tennis
Tai Chi Walking group Wine Appreciation Yoga