Lisa Attrill – Pot Painting and Using Power Tools


Written in June 2023.

Lisa has lived in Nillumbik since 2016.

As an Activities Organiser at Bunnings, Eltham (she discovered our group through contact with Nillumbik Council), Lisa is living proof that youthfulness is no obstacle to volunteering at Nillumbik U3A. Also, she’s an experienced tutor who has run many classes at Bunnings, ranging from gardening to art and woodwork, so she’s very qualified for her U3A role.

She’s now bringing youthful enthusiasm to her U3A classes, starting with Pot Painting and Using Power Tools.

Lisa says of Pot Painting

“Pot painting can be a hobby and it can also be a good way to add colour and creativity to your home. All you need to do is grab a pot and paintbrush and create your favourite designs (we will supply the paint, pots, and craft supplies). You get to take home your own designed pot ready to use.”

and of How to Use Power Tools

At first glance, this title conjures up thoughts of a cacophony of sound as multiple power tools produce what might be described as mayhem but no, it’s not like that at all – the class is organised and safe and a valuable tool itself for learning about correct use of what can be very useful workshop equipment.

She says: “I run interactive workshops on all things involving power tools and garden power tools to give class participants the information that they need to get their D.I.Y. projects off to a good start. All materials are supplied.”

Her classes are all held indoors at Bunnings, Eltham where tables are set up with the products needed for each session.