Oct 032022

Our ‘mini expo’ was held at Diamond Creek Senior Citizens Centre. Around 100 of our members were there, plus some members of the public, and they were treated to demonstrations of a wide variety of our classes including android phones, cards, craft, indigenous studies, history of art, jazz, mahjong, mind games, opera, painting, recorder music, tai chi, wine making and zentangles.

Events like this require a substantial number of volunteers. In this case, the number is 55, which is too many to list here. Thanks to Judy Vizzari, Brian Jones, Carole Meade and Pam Griffith for organising.

Qi Gong Tai Chi Painting
Craft Cards Rummikub
Mahjong Presentations
Oct 082019

We would like to have more members from Diamond Creek. We would also like to make more use of the Diamond Creek Senior Citizens building. To help progress both objects, we organised a ‘mini expo’ at the Senior Citizens building, showcasing some of our classes and open to the public. Lesley Wing Jan again: “The event enabled some tutors and class members to explain, demonstrate and/or share what they do in their classes or activities. It was our first attempt at this type of event but the buzz in the venue was energising and some of our members enrolled in other classes as a result of seeing what is offered. We also had a few new people join. Thanks to everyone who contributed.