May 282020

A woman who owned a greyhound that kept finishing second took him to the vet who discovered it was short-sighted. Because it could only see as far as the animal in front, it never passed the leading dog. After it was fitted with contact lenses which enabled it to see the lure/hare, it became a winner.

Nigeria, 2009

Police arrested a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery.

Vigilantes captured the black and white goat, claiming it had been an armed robber who used black magic to change into a goat after he had failed in an attempt to steal a car.

A spokesman for the police said: “The goat is in custody. Witnesses saw some criminals attempting to rob a car. One escaped, while the other turned into a goat.

The Romanian Soccer League, 2006

Someone called Marius Cioara, who played for second division team UT Arad, was sold to fourth division Regal Hornia for 15Kg of pork sausages. Talking of the transfer, a spokesman for Regal Hornia confirmed: "We gave up the team's sausage allowance for a week to secure him, but we are confident it will be worth it". However Cioara angrily declared that, because he was fed up with the sausage taunts, he was quitting football to work on a farm in Spain. Regal Hornia asked for the return of their sausages.

Wellington, Kansas, 1992

A woman was arrested for allegedly offering two men her husband’s prized collection of baseball cards if they would kill him.

The men informed the police and handed in the 10 cards that were to be a down payment for their killing him.

A deputy sheriff commented on the unusual method of payment: “That’s about as mean that a wife can get. The only thing lower would have been if she had offered his fishing and hunting gear.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1981

A burglar entered a woman’s home while she was asleep.

He went to her bedroom and forcible covered her from head to foot will vanilla and chocolate cake frosting.

When she objected, he said that she should have known this would happen if she left her front door unlocked!

May 102020

Read Andrew Leopold’s presentation on evil. The material covers all aspects of evil, including:

  • Examples.
  • Questions.
  • Issues.
  • Theories.
  • Institutions.

The material is around 120 slides long, so that you should keep you going for a bit.