Competition – re-imagine an artwork (6th April)

The challenge

This week’s competition was suggested by Lyn Richards who has copied the idea from someone else.

The competition (which has been copied from someone else): to re-imagine a well-known work of art featuring either yourself or things lying around your house, take a photo, and submit both the photo and an image of the original artwork (plus the name of the original artist). The prize: a large, mounted copy of your photo which can be hung on the wall of your home. The closing date: Sunday, 19th April. The judges: Brenda Smith, Leanne Ipsen, Lyn Richards and Valerie Osborne. Email us with your competition entry.

To illustrate the possibilities, here are three examples:


And, to inspire you further, here are three recent creations by Nillumbik residents:

Frida Kahlo – self-portrait with necklace of thorns (1940) Johannes Vermeer –
the glass of wine (1660)
Grant Wood –
american gothic (1930)
The winners

The winner was Louise Currie for this creation:

Sidney Nolan – Ned Kelly (1946-47)

As one of the judges said: " It was refreshing to see an Australian painting re-imagined. The Ned Kelly was also difficult to pull off, but artistic ingenuity resulted in a successful domestic realisation. It also brought a smile to my face. I think Nolan would have enjoyed the Ozzie quirkiness."

And another judge: "Brilliant use of the upsidedown bag. The horse's bum is exquisite, splendidly proportioned to the original. The pencil as a weapon is a great U3A reference."

Louise tells us that the horse is a wombat and the backdrop is a pillowcase.

The runner up was Dianne Parslow for this creation:

Leonardo da Vinci – the last supper (1498)

Dianne was apparently inspired by these two compositions:

Thanks to the judges Brenda Smith, Leanne Ipsen, Lyn Richards and Valerie Osborne.