Neil Parkin – The Beer Group


Written in June 2023.

Nillumbik U3A membership

Neil joined Nillumbik U3A in 2022. He joined to make friends in Eltham.

Previously, he was a member of Denia U3A in Spain (for 12 years) and Macclesfield U3A in the UK (for 2 years).

In my own words

I was a techy Chartered Engineer, well-versed in British ales. My wife and I moved to Oz to be closer to our daughters, having earlier retired to Spain.

My Dad and I made our first home brew in the 1960s from a kit: malt and real hops. I have made a range of kit brews since then, usually 20+ litres at a time, then bottled in one-litre bottles. Over the last six months with friends, I have bottled brews that I have made in a local brewery, usually something different. I am a recreational beer drinker. I am also a qualified technical teacher. Note: Brits are quite thirsty!

What my students will learn

They will learn how to make beer, how to keep it and enjoy a range of different ales in pleasant surroundings with happy people.

Class structure

There are activity-based classes in appropriate environments: breweries and other locations that beer can be found, tasted and enjoyed.

Why did you volunteer to run this class?

To share and expand knowledge of everything ‘beer’.

Is this your first U3A class?