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Here is a list of the people who have contributed material to the website during the pandemic: Alan Clayton, Alan Cuthbertson, Alistair Inglis, Anna Maio, Andrew Leopold, Anthony Guilfoyle, April Edwards, Bev Robertson, Bill Naim, Bill Wallace, Brenda Fitzpatrick, Brenda Hilson, Brenda Smith, Brian McLean, Brian Seymour, Bronwyn Porter, Bruce Byrne, Carmen Bruest, Carole Waldron, Cath Baumann, Cheryl Winstanley, Christine Lister, Dawn Mack, Deb Graham, Deb Thomson, Dennis Carty, Diane Baird, Dianne Parslow, Dione Fisher, Doris Beermann, Elaine Wightman, Elizabeth McEvey, Evan Gellert, Fiona Vuong, Frank Camera, Gayle Considine, Gillian Essex, Gillian Payne, Glenda Guilfoyle, Graeme Russell, Graham Fildes, Guy Palmer, Helen Bardsley, Jan Bauer, Janie McLeod, Jeannie Suttie, Jenni Bull, Jim Connor, Jim Poulter, Jo Ball, Joan Kelly, Joanne Osborne, John Baird, John Conley, John Crichton, John Germaine, John Jenkins, John O’Connor, Joy Quinn, Judith Chivers, Judith Murfett, Judy Calvert, Judy Vizzari, Judy Racz, Julianne Richards, Julie Barrington, June Rushton, Kay Bichard, Kay Rennie, Laraine Hussey, Lauren Brooker, Leanne Ipsen, Lesley Alves, Lesley Wing Jan, Lilia Deschamps, Linda Grigg, Lindsay Byrnes, Lita Lee, Louise Currie, Lyn Colenso, Lyn Frazer, Lyn Richards, Lyndell Whiting, Lynne Stevens-Chappel, Maralyn Frances, Maree Krohn, Maree Papworth, Margaret Halford, Margit Alm, Maria Roca, Marshall Richards, Martin Winfield, Mary Boyd, Maureen Cullen, Michelle Rowsell, Mike Rich, Mike Wilson, Neil Taylor, Noel Butterfield, Pam Griffith, Pat Rhys-Jones, Pat Shaw, Paul Siostrom, Peter Allen, Peter Talbot, Renato Deschamps, Rob Gardner, Rob Glanvill, Robin Reed, Robyn Goodrich, Roger Barnard, Roma O’Callaghan, Ros Camera, Roz Simmons, Sabi Buehler, Sandra Lamb, Sharlene Honeychurch, Sheila Beaton, Sophie Skenderis, Sue Lloyd, Sue Dyet, Sue Power, Susan Palmer, Terry Ball, Terry Hearity, Terry Marston, Terry Spottiswood, Tess Evans, Thais Venn, Val Harrop, Val Wilkie, Valerie Osborne, Vasundhara Kandpal and Wendy Manison. Thanks, everyone!