Karen Redrup – Film Discussion Group


Written in May 2022.

Is this the first U3A class you’ve tutored?

Yes, although I have been the class representative for other classes and often help with the non-teaching side of running a group to help our tutors. I don’t really think of myself as a tutor in the literal sense.

Other U3A classes attended?

Art, craft, tai chi and walking.

Nillumbik resident?

I live in Montmorency.

What your students will learn?

We share an interest in movies so watch selected films together and discuss them afterwards. This year we are watching recent movies but we may mix in an occasional classic to discuss how the medium has changed in the years we’ve all been enjoying film.

Class structure?

We have monthly ‘watch and discuss’ sessions

Why did you volunteer to run this class?

I was involved in setting up equipment in the courthouse and thought we could take advantage of streaming platforms that not all members have access to.