The Office

Office hours: 1-3pm Monday and 10am-midday, Thursday in school terms only.
Eltham Central Pavilion, 18 Panther Place, Eltham 3095.
Drive down Panther Place, go under the trestle bridge, turn right and it is the building at the end of that short road.

Email: ( will also continue to work).
Phone: 0468 300 764.
Post: PO Box 852 Eltham, 3095.

Office holders

President: Guy Palmer,
Vice President: Dianne Parslow,
Secretary: Cath Bauman,
Treasurer: Paul Siostrom,

Other committee members

Brian Jones
Deirdre King
Karen Redrup
Les Smith
Leanne Ipsen
Martin Winfield
Pam Griffith
Reg Rowsell
Rob Glanvill

Other roles

Welfare Officer: Sue Lloyd,
Our Welfare Officer is our main point of contact for anyone to raise welfare issues with. She will then take the appropriate actions and tell the appropriate people.

Assistant Treasurer: Thais Venn,
Course Coordinator: Dianne Parslow,
Grants Coordinator: Martin Winfield,
Marketing Coordinator: Guy Palmer,
Newsletter Editor: Guy Palmer,

Marketing and Events team

Carole Meade
Cathy Romeo
Judy Vizzari
Pam Griffith
Suzanne McNally

Office staff

Dianne Parslow
Gail Tuck
Jan Taylor
Karen Redrup
Maree Papworth
Ray Crowe
Sandra Lamb
Sue Bailey

Reception staff

Cath Bauman
Laraine Hussey
Pam Griffith
Sue Dawson
Val Harrop

Kitchen volunteers

Beverley Moss (Old Eltham Courthouse)
Carol Clark (Diamond Creek Senior Citizens)
Greg Scott (Old Eltham Courthouse)
Jan Mackenzie (Diamond Creek Senior Citizens)
Jenni Bull (Eltham Guide Hall)
Karen Jeffery (Eltham Central Pavilion)
Lorraine Jelley (Eltham Central Pavilion)