Sue Brenkovich – the sounds of musicals


Written in December 2019.

Nillumbik U3A membership

Is this the first U3A class you’ve tutored?: yes, I have never done anything for the U3A or anyone before.
Other U3A classes attended: Tai Chi for Arthritis Sufferers, Line Dancing, Tuning into Opera.
Nillumbik resident?: 1 year.

What my students will learn

We are all learning together. If I find anything interesting about actors or dancers on Foxtel Arts, I tape it and we watch that as well.

Our course is to watch musicals such as My Fair Lady and South Pacific – both old and new productions. I research the musicals and actors and the information I find then becomes the focus of our discussions. We finish each musical by watching the extra information supplied on the DVDs. My class enjoys the musicals, especially the ones set in the ‘50s and we often laugh because the values of those times are so different to today’s.

Class structure

I run our sessions from my home as I have everything I need here and the class is happy to come to my place. I provide the tea and coffee and often one of the class will bring biscuits or cake.

Why did you volunteer to run this class?

Lyn Richards mentioned that our U3A was looking to have some new classes and one was musicals – I mentioned that I have 50-60 musical DVDs and she asked me to run it. At first I said ‘no’ as I had never done anything like this before, but latyer decided to give it a go. Now, the group love it.