May 082023

Our Mahjong Groups

Our morning Mahjong Group meets each Tuesday morning at Eltham Central Pavilion under the leadership of Maree Papworth.

Our afternoon Mahjong Group meets each Tuesday afternoon at Eltham Central Pavilion under the leadership of Lyn Frazer.

May 022024

The Afternoon Mahjong Group had a very special celebration in May.

Margaret Nolan, who had been a regular Mahjong player up until Covid hit, joined the rest of the group for afternoon tea to celebrate her turning 100.

She arrived with her son and walked in to join the group.

She is such an inspiration.

It was a wonderful time together.

May 022023

On 2nd May, our Afternoon Mahjong Group held a longer than usual afternoon tea to celebrate Margaret’s 99th birthday. Margaret regularly played with us before Covid, but has found playing too taxing after the extended breaks due to Covid regulations. She is such an inspiration as she still lives in her own home and is often seen walking around Eltham. Everyone had a great time catching up.

Sep 162022

Our Morning Mahjong Group recently held their end of Term 3 get together. From left to right: Liz Richardson, Jill Chan, Myra Heaslip, Jenny McKinnar, Maree Papworth, Hector Hart, Walter Delaney, Alison Lendoudis and Glenice Brant. For various reasons, HongChoo Su, Marie Wood and Sandra Lamb weren’t able to be in the photograph.

Jun 012019

The Tuesday afternoon Mahjong group took great delight in helping Margaret celebrate her 95th birthday earlier this term. Margaret is truly an inspiration to us all. At 95, she plays Mahjong every week except when she is on Probus trips or has family commitments – often travelling interstate as the occasion arises. We look forward to her turn for afternoon tea as we know we will be treated to some delicious homemade baking. She is always willing to share her recipes via email. Hearty congratulations Margaret on reaching 95, keep up the good work and we all anticipate an even bigger celebration for your 100th!