Apr 162023

Zentangles and Mandala Design

Zentangles and mandalas are both forms of art doodling, with mandalas being more structured/mathematical/geometrical than zentangles.

The Zentangles and Mandala Design class meets on Tuesday afternoons.

Says Lyn Colenso, erstwhile tutor of the group: “Some people feel inadequate when it comes to art and shy away from it completely. The wonderful thing with zentangles and mandalas is that they are fabulous forms of doodling that anyone can learn how to do. Nothing is a mistake. Anyone can pick up the techniques easily and, in so doing, often get hooked in the process. It is so relaxing and therapeutic too.

Apr 132023

Unbeknownst to anyone else, our Zentanglers spent some of Term 1 painting pots. We hope that it may give our new Painting Pots Class some inspiration and we wish them well. The first photo below highlights some of the pots, whilst the second photo highlights the painters of these pots. From left to right: Tanys Boschma, Roma O’Callaghan, Jenni Bull, Jane Hammett, Kate Potter, Tony Gleeson and Sue Power.

Apr 012022

The group have been trying landscapes. Here are three examples by Gayle Considine, Terry Spottiswood and Tony Gleeson respectively.


Feb 182022

Here are some recent zentangles by Sharlene. A Roma O’Callaghan says, “The 2nd and 3rd are experiments with colour and shading. The 1st and 4th use new patterns within each section of the ‘string’ which divides space into different shapes.


Jun 082021

As Roma O’Callaghan said when she submitted the photos below: “Our Zentangles and Mandalas group now operates as a ‘shared growth group’: different members have different skills and each week a different person shares something that they have been learning. Here are some samples from the last month.

A mandala
by Gayle Considine
by Jenni Bull
Use of gel pens
by Michelle Rowsell
by Sharlene Honeychurch
Sep 212020

Roma O'Callaghan has written in: "Our participants express their gratitude that we have been able to continue via Zoom, with a comment that it has even helped us get to know each other better! Here is a zentangle based on Sharlene Honeychurch’s photograph of her dog."

Aug 312020

This term the group has been working on circular mandalas, 3D zentangles and colouring. Here are three recent examples.

Roma O’Callaghan Wendy Manison Sharlene Honeychurch
Jul 262020

Michelle Rowsell, who has been a card maker for many years, is now incorporating her zentangles drawings into them. Here are a few examples.

Jul 062020

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the class has continued via email and led by Lyn Colenso. Lyn has now decided to step down as the tutor. From henceforth, the group will be coordinated by one of the longer-term students, Gayle Considine, aided by Roma O'Callaghan and Terry Spottiswood.

Throughout the last few years, Lyn has been both inspirational and encouraging ("there are no mistakes in zentangles!"), challenging the group's mandala accuracy and pattern creativity, and introducing new patterns every week.

Here is the leaving card that the group made for Lyn.


May 252020

Below are two more productions, by Terry Spottiswood (left) and Helen Bardsley (right). Helen's features a pattern known as Rick’s Paradox because it consists only of straight lines which nevertheless create spirals – a bit tricky to learn but most effective! Some of the students are now exploring 3D patterns!


Apr 252020

A number of our artists came up with the idea of rainbow themes to honour all the courageous kind people who have given up their lives for us. Lest we forget.


Apr 242020

By Helen Bardsley, Michelle Rowsell, Pam Siostrom, Roma O’Callaghan and Terry Spottiswood.

Mar 302020
by Gayle Considine by Terri Spottiswood by Terri Spottiswood
by Michelle Rowsell by Michelle Rowsell by Michelle Rowsell
Mar 252020

Our Zentangles class is staying connected during the coronavirus crisis via email and sending their masterpieces to each other.

Here are some new beautiful manadalas by Roma O’Callaghan.


Mar 102020

Here are some of the recent creations by brand new students Michelle Rowsell and Wendy Manison plus ‘old timers’ Terri Spottiswood and Terry Beaton. I (Lyn) am very proud of them. I never cease to be amazed about how each of the students have their own unique style.

Mandala by Terri Spottiswood Zentangle by Wendy Manison Zentangle by Michelle Rowsell
Zentangle by Michelle Rowsell Bookmark by Terry Beaton  
Nov 012019

Zentangles are a whole lot of different patterns drawn into spaces of different shapes. Our tutor, Lyn Colenso, teaches some new patterns each week, and we include them in pictures or shapes. There’s a preference for hand drawn lines and, as Lyn says, “nothing is a mistake – just turn it into a zentangle“.

Pictured is an example mandala design by me. Just look at the patterns in each space (don’t look too hard, there’s some sloppy work here!). It’s much easier than it looks – give it try! I was amazed that I could be so ‘arty’! I find that I can doodle away in the loungeroom while my hubby is watching the tele. I’ve since used zentangles to create original birthday cards and gifts based on names, scenes, pictures or mandalas.

Feel free to come and join us – we have fun being inspired by each other’s use of the patterns in different ways. If I can do it, anyone can!


Here are a few more photos to show people what Zentangles art is about.