Dec 082023

The words are from Abe Kelabora and the photos are from Brenda Hilson.

On Friday, 8th December, the group played its last game for the year. It was hot, windy, and dry, but so what? Golfers are always there with their mates playing the game religiously, never mind the weather. Some 32 players participated, divided into 8 groups. Rather than Stroke as usual, the Ambrose scoring system was used to speed up the game. Under this system, each group was to submit only one scorecard at the end of the game. The winning group was able to score 35 out of a 9-hole game, which was a first on this golf course for the seniors. At the 19th hole, everyone sat with their mates, some with their partners, to share a lunch with beer and coffee, while sharing the stories of the year, including the best shots, the worse episodes, and those who are no longer in the team. In the meantime, the captain, Alan Clayton, dutifully gave out the prizes. As Brenda says “Thank you so much Alan Clayton for your efforts through the year. You are a patient man!