Jul 102021

These workshops were successfully completed on Wednesday, 5th May, 2021. The last session was an actual 9-hole game at Yarrambat Park Golf Course. A total of 7 students completed the program, but only 6 attended the final session.

So, around midday on 5th May, 6 students turned up at Yarrambat Park Golf Course to sign up, and then off to the driving range to warm up. Just before 1 pm, the group lined up at the tee box of hole No. 1.
There were two teams: the first team of four players under Abe Kelabora, and the second team of three under Gail Clayton. The first to hit the ball was Abe. He was followed by Susan Palmer who carefully addressed the ball at the red markers for the ladies.

Susan then hit the ball and sent it away to the middle of the fairway. The others in the first group then followed. Within minutes, this group was on its way to their second shots.

The second group of players then followed, carefully playing the game and negotiating their way, according to the rules. Each player was asked to score themselves.

It took just less than three hours for the two groups of players to complete the game. They were so happy to arrive at the Club House, at hole No.19, with plenty of smiles.

The atmosphere around the table was happy, relaxed, and contented, supplemented by refreshments from the cafe. The feeling was that: “eh, we finally made it – we have successfully played a golf game.” As they say, the rest is history.