Jan 202022

On 20th January, 12 of our golfers and their partners went to the Corowa Golf and Country Club in NSW, just across the border from Victoria, to escape from Melbourne, to rest and to play golf.

Corowa is a major golf course built on the banks of the Murray River. There are 27 holes, making it one of the bigger golf courses in Australia. They have a licensed restaurant, bars, cafes, games rooms and (of course) TAB. We were housed in some flats located next to club house, along the river banks. It was nice to listen to the birds singing their different tunes in the morning.

3 groups of 4 players played on the Friday, comprising two groups of male players and one group of female players. We teed off at 9am and finished in the early afternoon. The weather was excellent: high 20s, sunny, no rain and no wind.

The 19th hole took the form of a BBQ on Friday evening. Sausages and steaks were cooked and consumed together with salads, breads, and variety of sauces. Drinks were flowing. The mood was relaxed. Then the presentation of prizes was made. So, suitable prizes were awarded to male’s longest drive, female’s longest drive, male NTPs (‘nearest to the pins’), the lowest overall score and the highest overall score. The entertainment was provided by Mike Ormerod with his trumpet and jokes were cracked by various people.

On the whole, Corowa was great. It has set the pattern and, because the packages provided by this golf club are generous, we might well all come here again each year.

Finally, thanks Alan (Clayton) and his wife, Gail, for organising this program. Thanks also to Martin (Winfield) and Jean (Kelabora) for cooking the BBQ; and to everyone else who contributed to making this escape a memorable experience.