Dec 072020

I’d like to be the Movie star, it’s always been my dream
To see myself the HEADLINE in some glossy magazine.
Red carpet, lights and cameras, crowds cheering on the action!
The bold the beautiful and ME, the starring main attraction!
Will I always be an extra eating extra people’s lunch,
Standing by the food van, just another in the bunch?
In this film there's office workers, bankers, dancers, a rowdy mob,
Some actors, policemen, firemen BUT- I got the cleaner’s job!
"You’re just the type." That’s what they said. "The apron's yours so wear it."
"Here's the bucket, mop and cloths" So I just grin and bear it.
BUT!!!! The star wears mink and diamonds and dresses made to die for!
I can’t help the way I feel. HER role is what I cry for.
So as I'm waiting for my cue with extras just like me,
I think of how magnificent my starring role could be.
I dream that I’m arriving in some flashy limousine,
Red carpet! Crowds are cheering! I'm a movie maker’s dream!