Jul 122021

We’re going for a ride on the Smelter’s nose
We’re taking a cabbage and a fresh change of clothes.
It will be such fun, you should come too,
There’ll be so much to see and so much to do.
Uncle Horace is coming, and also his brother,
Wild Whistling Willie, and so many others –
A goat that wears glasses, three fish that all sneeze,
Two terrible pancakes and the elephant’s fleas.
Come with us for a ride on the Smelter,
For a ride on the side of his nose, oh do!
It wouldn’t be fun if we went by ourselves,
It wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t come too.

But you’re saying you will? I just knew you would,
For rambling and scrambling on the nose of a Smelter
As he rumbles and stumbles all over the woods,
Puts a shine on your belly, a sprat in your ear,
A crease in your toes and makes you look good.
But where can we place you – his nose is so packed?
Place you or race you, it’s space that is lacked.
We’ll put you in front on a deck chair of red,
On a high horse-hair hammock or a fine feather bed,
As he swings through the trees or crawls on his knees,
You can go climbing all over his head.