Nov 032023

On entering The Eltham Community and Reception Centre on the evening of 3rd November, the warm ambience felt reassuring and my initial apprehension in attending this event for the first time, soon disappeared.

Moving into the main hall, ten large round tables covered in white cloth surrounded with chairs, bordered the spacious dance floor on two sides. The band were seated up on stage already performing their smooth brassy sounds as we walked to join others at our designated table. After nibbles were placed on the table and a drink was poured, it wasn’t long before I noticed all seats were filled and the evening was in full swing.

The band performed a mix of well-known jazz pieces accompanied at various times by one of three vocalists, delighting both those seated and those on the dance floor. The upbeat numbers had some of us tapping our feet or lightly drumming our hands on the table while the many dancers glided or moved energetically around the dancefloor. The Cha-Cha, Fox Trot and a lovely slow Walz stood out to me as favourites and seemed to draw more onto the dance floor as the evening progressed. I also recall the requested I’ve got you under my skin brought many smiles, a cheer and some excellent miming from various attendees.

A gentleman that approached the tea and coffee table expressed the feeling of the evening beautifully. “What a splendid evening!” It indeed felt splendid and, for the two friends that accompanied me, it also brought back some sweet memories.

Here is a 1 minute video of some of the singing and dancing.