Aug 132023

We have previously discussed how our Eltham Arts Groups were creating a stuffed, lengthy snake ‘bean bag’ for Eltham Bookshop. Well, it was successfully installed at the bookshop on 13th August and Judy Vizzari wrote an article for the local Copperline News about the experience. Unfortunately, Copperline News haven’t published Judy’s article so, belatedly, here is something of a summary of that day.

The ‘bean bag’ is called the Story Serpent. On Sunday, 13th August, the serpent and his cushions were transported through Eltham, jubilantly held aloft by 30 of the artists and danced through the Eltham Farmer’s Market in a procession which wended its way to Meera’s Govil’s bookshop. The serpent is now coiled on the bookshop floor, surrounded by his pillows and his sister snake rests quietly above a bookshelf. They are welcoming friends for children when they visit to attend story times, or to enjoy some quiet reading. But the serpent is not just for children, it is a work of art and it is hoped that readers of all ages will enjoy it.