Jul 162023

Many members, volunteer workers and newcomers visit our Office at Eltham Central Pavilion and we’re happy to know that our members’ art and crafts on display there have been noted, enjoyed and, in some cases, sold.

So it was with enthusiasm that Karen Redrup, Val Harrop and I took time during the recent term break to remove the existing exhibits and replace them with an eclectic range of landscapes, still life and abstract works. They aimed once again to enhance the rooms occupied by hour hard-working administrative volunteers and to enable visitors to admire and, perhaps to purchase, the artwork on display.

So, if you’re visiting the Office, or even just passing by, have a look at the new art, and perhaps even consider purchasing one of the pieces.

Thanks to all the artists who have contributed to the display (Jo Ball, Patricia Bulmer, Leanne Ipsen, Teresa Mancino, Joy Quinn, Karen Redrup, Robin Reed and Dennis Smedley).

The picture right is by Karen Redrup and is called In Teri’s Garden.