Dec 182023

The Jazz Appreciation class concluded 2023 with a guest speaker, Mark Morand. Mark is a composer/arranger/producer and guitarist for a project 32 bars in which he is endeavouring to compose music and lyrics for 32 songs, of 32 musical bars duration, to be performed, recorded and videoed in 32 different (drinking) bars around Melbourne. Mark has completed 15 so far, with 2 more to be released by February next year. The last four made the AMRAP Top 10 played on Community Radio during this year. Tune 13 was performed and videoed at the Eltham Bowling Club as part of the ‘azz by the Green monthly gigs.

As well as explaining the onerous requirements of the project, Mark gave the group a recital on his newly acquired (from Japan) blue Gibson electric guitar. Mark engages three female vocalists and around 30 young local musicians in his entourage. He was a guest of the class at dinner that followed his presentation, which was thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by all present.