Jul 162023

Waking in the morning
many notions fill my head.
Looking forward to another day
I tumble out of bed.

The bedroom wall needs painting,
and I need to mend that chair.
There’s a plethora of little jobs
that need a bit of care.

Starting with some breakfast
I grab a likely book.
But before long it is midday
and my hopes are looking crook.

Thinking tomorrow will be better
as I wander back to bed,
I’ll aim for something different,
maybe bake a loaf of bread.

The next day passes quickly
without too much to show.
I wish I had the power
to make the hours slow.

I awake again next morning
but it turns out just the same
and I feel it’s fairly obvious
that I’m the one to blame.

So no matter what you call it,
and no matter what you say,
It usually just turns out to be
Another Groundhog Day.