Mar 272020

Art has long been a fascination for the human mind. Sculpture, drawing, painting have forever been used to enhance religious experience, to awe subjects and to defy enemies, or merely to entertain and to beautify our surrounds. It has a complex and well noted history and is still developing apace with society. Art has been a solace for the bored and a mystery to the uneducated and that is where I come in.

Since my wife, Glenda, and I joined U3A, particularly to be able to ‘do art’ as a retirement project, our life has been enhanced. We already knew Leanne (Ipsen) and Brenda (Smith) but had no idea of the depth of their commitment to their subject. Enthusiasm is a trademark of their lives and is shared happily with the students of Thursday afternoons at Eltham High School. We Do Art!

On the appointed afternoon, we join many other keen students with various levels of skill to work on improving that budding talent under the watchful eyes of Leanne and Brenda, sometimes assisted by experienced students Dennis (Smedley) and Judy (Vizzari), who are equally happy to pass on their knowledge. Also we have been tutored by professional illustrators and artists who bring other experience to the table.

Unfortunately the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 have now changed the dynamics of our society and of our art group. It is difficult to maintain unbridled enthusiasm at home without the encouragement of our tutors and at home I’m not in the ‘zone’. When I see an apple, I dont know whether to draw or eat it. Here’s hoping for resumption of normalcy soon.