Jan 262020

Yes, ‘2020 Vision’ may be a little clichéd, but I can’t resist the title … it seems so appropriate. Why? Because it describes our aims, which are to reflect, to learn and to record then to share what we think, see and feel. Clearly visionary?

But to get to that sharing stage we need confidence in our skills. If you’ve ever watched a child draw his first lines, you’ll see his fascination – no rules, no wrongs or rights, just pure pleasure. For us it’s not so easy – our challenge is to learn to blend our knowledge with our artistic desire. So even though our creative journeys may have started in childhood, it’s now, in our third age, that we are finally negotiating our bumpy road towards greater technical skills and artistic freedom.

Propelled on our journey

Our tutors, Leanne Ipsen and Brenda Smith, understand the needs of mature age students who are either returning to art or first-timers so they provide basic tuition in drawing, colour mixing and painting to provide all of us with opportunities to extend ourselves. The use of different mediums plus exploration of techniques broadens our artistic knowledge.

We are a group. Leanne and Brenda ensure that our choices are collective – exhibitions to attend (Archibald and Camberwell Art Shows 2019), excursions (plein air sessions, artist supplies specialists) and who to invite to our studios (artists, cartoonists). What projects and collaborative works we undertake are also discussed jointly. The value of our methods is that all students are involved and all have opportunities to display their work (and occasionally to sell it).

We’ve achieved quite a lot in the past five years but what’s planned for 2020?

We’re about to leap into another year of creativity and already Leanne and her team have built a framework of activities to whet our excitement and to propel us down our road of discovery.

What we’re in for:

  • Exploration –
    • of mediums: watercolour and acrylic then developing these in second term
    • of methods: painting, drawing, printing and collage
    • of colours: familiarity with the colour wheel, colour mixing, colour effects
    • of skills: tone, perspective, upside down approaches, life drawing… seeing our subjects.

As well, we’re planning more:

  • Collaboratives – producing priceless projects for public places.
  • Excursions – to exhibitions, arts suppliers, studios, outdoor exercises.
  • Exhibitions – we’re always on the lookout for new venues to exhibit our work.
  • Guest speakers – sessions with local and well-known artists.

And we’re continuing our two studio structure, so plenty of choices all round.

2020 Vision will encompass challenges, learning and fun for the Nillumbik U3A Painting and Drawing Group… lots to look forward to.

We’re excited!

Judy V