Oct 062022

If you have ever been to Eltham Central Pavilion, you will have seen the two small garden beds outside of the main entrance. You will also have seen that they are filled with agapanthus, which is a weed. The reason for this is that there is a concrete slab just under the surface of the soil and it was thought that only agapanthus would be able to survive the resulting boggy conditions.

Well, we have decided to test that theory by planting a number of native plants chosen for their ability to survive boggy conditions, namely cut-leaved daisy (brachyscome multifida), natal lily (clivia miniata), Tasmanian flax-lily (dianella tasmanica), tassel rope-rush (baloskion tetraphyllum), tassel sedge (carex fascicularis), thyme honey-myrtle (melaleuca thymifolia) and weeping bottlebrush (callistemon viminalis).

Thanks to Cath Bauman, Helen Broadbent and Susan Palmer for making this happen.