Nov 012019

Zentangles are a whole lot of different patterns drawn into spaces of different shapes. Our tutor, Lyn Colenso, teaches some new patterns each week, and we include them in pictures or shapes. There’s a preference for hand drawn lines and, as Lyn says, “nothing is a mistake – just turn it into a zentangle“.

Pictured is an example mandala design by me. Just look at the patterns in each space (don’t look too hard, there’s some sloppy work here!). It’s much easier than it looks – give it try! I was amazed that I could be so ‘arty’! I find that I can doodle away in the loungeroom while my hubby is watching the tele. I’ve since used zentangles to create original birthday cards and gifts based on names, scenes, pictures or mandalas.

Feel free to come and join us – we have fun being inspired by each other’s use of the patterns in different ways. If I can do it, anyone can!


Here are a few more photos to show people what Zentangles art is about.