North East Link Program (Wiebke Wenzel) @ Eltham Central Pavilion
Feb 28 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am

The presentation will be led by Wiebke Wenzel, who works for North East Link.

Two current major road projects will transform the Greensborough to Rosanna area. The 6.5km North East Link tunnels from Watsonia to Bulleen will fix the missing link in our city’s freeway network, hopefully take 15,000 trucks off local roads a day and reduce travel times by up to 35 minutes. The M80 Ring Road Completion will upgrade the M80 Ring Road, connect to the new North East Link tunnels and move through-traffic under a new Grimshaw Street interchange.

Go and learn about the designs, what’s happening in construction and what to expect in 2024 when travelling through the area.

Book your place by emailing Pam Griffith.

What is bluegrass music? (John Boothroyd) @ Eltham Central Pavilion
Mar 13 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am

John Boothroyd will talk about bluegrass music, a genre of American roots music that evolved in the 1940s by the ‘father of bluegrass music, Bill Monroe. The talk will centre on how the music developed from early settlers from Britain and Ireland in the 18th century to the Appalachian region of America. They brought their musical traditions with them and their old ballads, love songs, instrumental and dance tunes lived on in their often isolated mountain communities over many years.

Bluegrass today enjoys a large following in America and elsewhere. Its down to earth feel, with its influences of folk, blues, Americana and old-time country music giving it wide appeal. It often features fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar and upright bass and close vocal harmonies.

John will also play some examples of the music from recordings during the presentation.

John has been involved with old-time country music and bluegrass since the late 1960s, as teacher, performer and author.

Book your place by emailing Pam Griffith.