May 152022

Our guest speakers

Every fortnight during term time, we organise for someone to give a presentation to which any of our members can attend. Thanks for Cath Bauman and Pam Griffith for organising. Here are the talks over the past few years.

May 112022

Our Walking Groups

We have three walking groups: our original Walking Group led by Kay Bichard and others, our Gentle Walking Group led by Pam Griffith and others, and our Slow and Steady Walking Group led by Suzanne Teese and others.

May 032022

The Drawing & Painting Group

The Painting and Drawing Group meets each week on Thursday afternoons. They number in the high 20s and range in age from 60s to 90s (92), we’re both men and women, and our skills are diverse. They draw, paint, print and occasionally dabble in collage. They work collaboratively and singly and we share a delight in all things artistic. We have leaders – Leanne Ipsen and Brenda Smith – and they are their free-thinking followers – teamwork all round.

Watch either this video (15 minutes) or this video (3 minutes) to see the group in action.

Mar 142022

Our fundraising activities

This blog summarises some of our fundraising activities over the past few years.

Fundraising can actually be fun as it brings some of our members together to do something which is both social and helps our U3A.

Mar 132022

Poems by our members

Various poems by various of our members.

Also, see some poems written by our Poetry through the Ages group, Lyn Richard’s poems about birds and Andrew Leopold’s poems about Eltham.

Mar 132022

Stories by our members

Various stories and songs by various of our members.

Also, see some stories written by our Collaborative Writing group.

Mar 082022

Our marketing activities

This blog summarises some of our marketing activities over the past few years.

Here is a video which covers many of the classes that we offer.

Feb 052022

Our Golf Groups

Our main Golf For Fun Group plays on Tuesday and Friday mornings at Yarrambat Golf Club. The leader of the group is Alan Clayton.

In addition, in some terms, we have golf workshops for beginners led by Abe Kelabora.

Jan 132022

The Cooking Group

The Cooking Group is currently in abeyance. Under Vasundhara Kandpal’s leadership, they used to cook three or four plant-based dishes each week, which they then ate together over lunch. Vasundhara shares one of her recipes in this blog.

Jun 222021

Posts by various of our classes

The posts below include the following classes:

  1. Hurstbridge Creative Writing Group (by Pam Kemeys).
  2. Mahjong (by Lyn Frazer).
  3. Music Tutti (by Maree Krohn and Bob Stubbings).
  4. Play Cards Afternoon (by Mike Rich).
  5. Poetry Through the Ages (by Noel Butterfield).
  6. Second Tuesday Book Club (by Sue Lloyd).
  7. Shakespeare Rocks (by Noel Butterfield).
  8. Tai Chi (by Judy Vizzari).
  9. Weirdness of Light (by Guy Palmer).
May 072021

The Collaborative Writers’ Workshop

The wild wind raged across the open plain. It pushed through the cracks in the old cabin where Ali waited and shivered under a threadbare blanket.” So you like to write but need a supportive community to share your work with. Our workshop may just be what you’re looking for. We offer ideas, encouragement and support, and also share our own writing experiences.” Fridays, 9-10.50am, Old Eltham Courthouse.
April Edwards

Here are links to the various stories below.

Apr 232021

Life Changing Events in History

The Life Changing Events in History class meets on Tuesday afternoons. This blog provides some of Andrew Leopold’s presentations to that class.

Mar 272021

Poetry through the Ages

The Poetry through the Ages class meets on Wednesday mornings. The tutors are Noel Butterfield and Susan Lloyd.

Mar 242021

Our Craft Group

Our Craft Group meets each Friday afternoon at the Hurstbridge Bowling Club from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. The Leader of the group is Cheryl Winstanley.

Nov 152020

The Travel blog

Various presentations of various holidays in various styles by various presenters.

Aug 242020

Astronomy and Cosmology

The Astronomy and Cosmology class used to meet on Tuesday afternoons (some terms only). The tutor was John O’Connor.

Jul 272020

Zentangles and Mandala Design

Zentangles and mandalas are both forms of art doodling, with mandalas being more structured/mathematical/geometrical than zentangles.

The Zentangles and Mandala Design class meets on Tuesday afternoons.

Says Lyn Colenso, erstwhile tutor of the group: “Some people feel inadequate when it comes to art and shy away from it completely. The wonderful thing with zentangles and mandalas is that they are fabulous forms of doodling that anyone can learn how to do. Nothing is a mistake. Anyone can pick up the techniques easily and, in so doing, often get hooked in the process. It is so relaxing and therapeutic too.

Jul 192020

Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Whilst our Climate Change and Renewable Energy class has now ended, at least for the time being, Alan Cuthbertson and Rob Gardner will be keeping some of the subjects alive by writing articles which will be posted here.

Feb 242020

Our First Nations Class

Much of this blog comprises a series of articles written by Jim Poulter. Thank you, Jim, for your generosity in sharing the articles with us!.

  1. Farms without fences (pdf).
  2. Aboriginal thought systems (pdf).
  3. Aboriginal society (pdf).
  4. The collisions of worlds (pdf).
  5. The Kulin seasons (pdf).
  6. First contact in Port Phillip (pdf).
  7. The impacts of colonisation (pdf).
  8. Surviving colonisation (pdf).

Jim has tutored U3A classes in Australian History for many years and is a frequent guest speaker at our First Nations class. He also writes the ‘Birrarung Stories‘ for the Warrandyte Diary newspaper. Jim has known and worked with many iconic Aboriginal Elders and tribal people who have trusted him with their knowledge.

Feb 192020

The Wine Appreciation Groups

We have four wine appreciation groups, three led by Karen Coulston and one led by Dave Chambers.

  1. Wine Appreciation – Introduction: some terms only; sometimes weekly, sometimes fortnightly. They discuss different wine styles and how they are made plus what you taste and smell in wine and what ‘balance’ means in quality wine.
  2. Wine and Food Lunch Group: monthly and only open to those who have previously done the Wine Appreciation course. This group centres on wine and food matching around the lunch table.
  3. Wine Tour Group: monthly and only open to those who have previously done the Wine Appreciation course. This is a winery tour group, where they take a community bus to different wine regions, usually making a cultural or environmental visit before visiting two wineries for lunch and wine tastings.
  4. All Things Wine and Food: monthly and only open to those who have previously done the Wine Appreciation course. The group eats and drinks at wineries, picnics and restaurants.

In August 2018, the Wine Appreciation group gathered at Karen Coulston’s house in Yarrambat to bottle some wine that they had previously made. Watch a 5 minute video of the day.