Oct 012019

Thanks for Gillian Essex’s’s article last month about the Walking Group. My husband John and I have enjoyed many walks with this group and echo the comments made in the article, particularly in relation to the great work put in by Rob (and Graham) to run the group. Participating in these walks, however, requires a reasonable level of fitness as they are of 1.5-2 hours’ duration, often involving walking on narrow, and sometimes steep, paths.

As you might be aware, at the beginning of 2019, Pam Griffith started a Gentle Walking Group to cater for those who would love to walk but are unable to manage the distance and/or terrain of the established walking group. This group usually walks on flat-paved paths for around 1 hour. John and I often now walk with this group, which usually has between 10-15 participants. It’s a great idea to have the two groups so that people can choose which one best suits their needs/abilities. As with the original walking group, members of the Gentle Walking Group also meet for coffee and socialising after the walk, which is held on Monday mornings at 9.30am. We really appreciate Pam facilitating this group.