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The 5 pages currently in this testing area are listed in the table below.

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This is the test area where Guy, Tony, Dianne and others can look at draft pages which are not yet on the live website. These pages are listed in the table above.

With the previous iframe technique used on the old website. all the formatting was done by Tony in OASIS. Using the new technique, the formatting (bold, etc) is done by me within the html pages. Note, however, that I cannot easily override any column widths or other hard coded formatting in the OASIS extracts so these should be removed by Tony (they usually take the form of cell level divs). Update: I have found a way of nullfying all div width statements.

Note that, whereas the iframe technique updates the data in real time, the new technique updates the data every X minutes, where X can be 15, 60, 720 or 1,440 (or after a manual refresh). Currently I have refreshing switched off for all the tables except for term dates.