Apr 052023

During Term 1 2023, we have been reading, and trying to make sense of, some of Shakespeare’s sonnets. To assist us in this endeavour, we were fortunate to have the erudite and knowledgeable Steve Gilbert provide them with an indepth look at these sonnets on 5th April. Steve is a member of our Shakespeare Group. Comprehensive notes were provided and, as Steve suggested, they looked at them ‘as a biographical story’. Our understanding was further enhanced by some YouTube presentations, both serious and comic, including a reading by Alan Rickman, a couple of ‘take off’ skits by Upstart Crow from the BBC and even a ballet clip. In addition, they watched a reading using the correct English pronunciation current when these plays were written and, as a result, the sonnets now appear far more accessible.

Thanks to Steve for his presentation and to Huguette De Rycke for the photo.