Feb 072022

We have refreshed the artwork in our Office at Eltham Central Pavilion with 13(!) new paintings by our members, all for sale and all at very affordable prices.

To see all the paintings, you will (obviously) have to go into the office but to give you a flavour, here is one of them, a collaborative work of scenes from Eltham Farmers’ Market painted by Cathy Romeo, Lilia Deschamps, Patricia Bulmer, Rachel Brak, Robin Reed and Sue Bowles.

The other paintings include two large and lyrical landscapes by Lilia Deschamps plus a mixture of still life, wild life and interior life depictions by Catherine Hincks, Ilse Jamonts, Joy Quinn, Judy Vizzari, Karen Redrup and Robin Reed.

Thanks to Leanne Ipsen and Dennis Smedley for their framing skills, and to Judy Vizzari for her positioning and hanging skills.