Mini Expo Coordinator – job description


In 2019, we held a ‘mini expo’ of some of our classes which many of our members came to and enjoyed. We therefore want to repeat the exercise, ideally in the first week of October. To do so, however, will require someone to take the lead in organising it.

The mini expo will feature many of our classes in one way or another. It will be open to all of our members:

  • To showcase the classes.
  • To attract new class participants.
  • To gather for a chat and see what other classes do.

It may also be open to the public to attract new members.

The Mini Expo Coordinator will need to decide where and when the event happens, organise for the classes to participate, and decide how the rooms should be organised. Various Committee members will be available for discussions and there will also be help on the day.

The coordinator’s duties

Potentially working with others, organise such aspects as:

  • Date and time (e.g. in the week before Term 4 starts, 4-8th October).
  • Location (assuming Eltham Central Pavilion, need to negotiate with the sporting clubs re time and date).
  • Advertising, both within the U3A and (if appropriate) externally.
  • Organise classes to participate (see some possibilities below), requesting offers both by personal approach to individual tutors and via our periodic newsletter to them.
  • Decide on layout of room(s), including tables and chairs.
  • Organise the program of activities.
  • Set up furniture and clean up afterwards.
  • Organise morning or afternoon tea (volunteers will be needed to provide a plate and to serve tea and coffee).

Various Committee members will be available for discussions on any of the matters above. There will also be help on the day.

Possible range of activities

Tables of people participating in such activities as: Mah-jong, Card Games, Mind Games, Zentangles, Painting and Drawing, Cryptic Crosswords, Craft and French conversation.

Short presentations from classes such as: Tai Chi, Gentle Exercise, Recorder Group and Yoga.

Displays of Art and Craft.

Short talks from some tutors.

To discuss further

If potentially interested, contact Guy by phone (0411 520850) or email ( to discuss further.