Jan 082021

Drawing & Painting Group member Joan started painting her ‘ISO chooks’ on discarded fence palings during the Covid-19 lockdown. Over the last few months, they have gone viral and there are now some 3,000(!) spread around people’s gardens in Eltham (where Joan lives) and the surrounding suburbs.

The ISO chooks have been a major topic of conversation in the Eltham 3095 Facebook group, where some of Joan’s posts have attracted up to 500 likes and 300 comments.

As Joan said when interviewed by the Warrandyte Diary (see the article below): “I started my chooks because I knew a lot of people were struggling mentally with the shutdown with COVID regulations. I am an artist and I know the power of fun art, and getting a gift (just as a surprise), so I started painting chooks on fence pieces and leaving them on the letterbox with a ‘help yourself’ sign. … Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this crazy chook adventure.

The ISO chooks come in many different colours Joan with some of her newly painted chooks An article in the Warrandyte Diary

In January 2021, Joan her ISO chooks featured again in the Warrandyte Diary. We even get a one line mention!