Jul 062021

The group has been preparing some instructional videos on various aspects of painting. The purpose of these videos is to help people to start painting. As Judy Vizzari says, “Maybe you have been put off ‘doing art’ by the thought of sourcing equipment, setting up, or just knowing how to go about producing your drawing or painting. Well, ‘doing art’ is actually easier than you might think and it’s fun! You don’t need a load of equipment or multitude of instructions. Perhaps start with pencil and paper, then try other mediums. And, of course(!), watch our videos.

1. Leanne Ipsen demonstrates her equipment for acrylic painting. 2. Leanne demonstrates her outdoor painting technique.
3. Brenda Smith introduces watercolour painting. 4. Jo Ball demonstrates ‘flow painting’.
5. Colleen Hall discusses oil painting.