Diamond Creek Senior Citizens Centre


This page is effectively a collation of the various guidance about the venue which has been sent out to the relevant tutors.

Location and access

32-34 Elizabeth Street, Diamond Creek (click this hyperlink for a map).

Access to the inside of the building is via a key in a key safe which is located on the brick wall to the left of the main entrance. Email our Course Coordinator for the code to the key safe.

Checklist for each tutor:

  • If using the Hall (the largest room), get out the tables and chairs at the beginning of the class and put them away at the end of the class.
  • For all other rooms, leave the room as you found it..

All of our equipment is portable (rather than built-in) and is stored in a cupboard in the small room to the left as you walk in the main door.

  • Projector: there is a mobile projector but no screen, so you project onto the wall.
  • Speakers: physically plug into your laptop.
  • Network: 24/7 wireless network connected to the Internet.
  • Defibrillator: our fully automated standard model.

Any issues, contact Guy by phone (0411 520 850) or email.

The network

There is a permanent 24/7 wireless network which connects to the Internet. Its name is ‘U3A’.
Email our Course Coordinator for the password.

The network covers the whole of the main room but is obviously much stronger, and therefore much quicker, in the front half of the room.

The network is controlled by something called a modem/router. You don’t need to know what this looks like nor where it is. But if, for some reason, you do, it is a small black box around 4 cms wide which is on a shelf in the storage room to the left of the stage and which is plugged into a nearby mains socket. We are in discussions with Council about how to attach it permanently to a wall.

The defibrillator

The defibrillator is mounted on the wall in the sick room, which is the first door on the left as you go into the building.

The latest information about our defibrillators can always be found on our defibrillators’ page.