Jul 072020

Have a look at Brenda Smith's article about her 2018 holiday in Cuba (pdf).

Here is a sample paragraph from the article: "The first impression was one of live music, dance and colour. Every restaurant and cafe, no matter how small had their own band with singers and dancers. The salsa is the dance of Havana and the men relish in it. We were often invited up to dance with them, which several of us enjoyed. I noticed that even two or three reluctant Australian men were enticed by the rhythms and were willing to 'give it a go'. The other immediate source of vivid colours was the 1950s cars. Sun yellow, lollipop pink and emerald green Cadillacs, Plymouths, Chevrolets and Buicks filled the roads. The USA trade embargo since the 1940s has resulted in few cars arriving after this date. How magic, every road is filled with stretched, gleaming limousines. The owners are justly proud of them and keep them together with tape, smuggled parts and paint. Over the 8 days, most of our party had at least 2-3 rides in a classic car."