Mar 242020

Guy Palmer recently went to Coober Pedy, which is in the middle of nowhere in South Australia. If you go to this link on Google Streetview, you will be standing outside the hotel that he stayed in. You can then walk around the town, just like Guy did, only virtually rather than physically.

Or, perhaps more simply, you can have a look at the slides that Guy presented to our Travel class.

FWIIW (‘for what it is worth’), here are Guy’s 6 main takeaways from his Coober Pedy experience:

  • Somewhere that you should go to precisely once in your lifetime.
  • The weirdest place I have ever been to.
  • Many/most people live underground.
  • A major opal producer (>50% of the world’s opals?).
  • There are one metre wide holes in the ground everywhere.
  • It looks like a building site.