Private residence

Usually indicates the home of Course Leader.
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Yoga for EVERY BODY. The main course served is breath-centred postures and mindfulness, promoting ease of movement and comfort in the body by mobilising stiff joints, relaxing tight muscles and revitalising from the inside out. The main course comes with with a sprinkling of yoga philosophy. The dessert is relaxation. The class is friendly (with a cup of tea afterwards!) and takes place in a beautiful studio with breathtaking views. Amanda can modify any posture according to the individual, so the class is appropriate for experienced and beginners in yoga.

Wine Tour Group


This course is a monthly winery day tour.

Walking Group


You are invited to join our friendly walking group on Monday mornings. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know our district, discover some new areas and work at our fitness at the same time. Walks usually last for an hour to 90 minutes, followed by a visit to a nearby cafe. Rob Gardner welcomes any suggestions for new walks.
For further information contact Rob on

Japanese Language & Culture


This course is for all members who have an interest in Japan or plan to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. Join Rob to begin speaking, reading and writing Japanese and learn about some of the fascinating aspects of Japanese society, culture, customs and history. Come and share his passion and accept the challenge of learning this intriguing language.

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